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You're Fired.

So you got fired, or maybe you got laid off. My guess is that you didn't see it coming. Sometimes these things happen for reasons that are impossible to know. Maybe your company is getting acquired or the CEO is embezzling payroll funds. If not, your fate is not only knowable, but well within your control.

Liberalists and Guns - A Thorough Report

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Theophile Gaudin
The purpose of this report is to give an as accurate as possible picture of the liberalists’ opinions on guns, which appeared to be quite diverse. Overall, it can be seen that most liberalists’ support the right to bear firearms, but the majority of them call for very diverse degrees of regulation or control. A small minority of liberalists are pro-gun ban. Americans tend to be more pro-gun freedom and want less degree of regulation or control, whereas Europeans and UK citizens are more for gun control.
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